Toss A Coin To Your One Shot Recap

Imagine a T-Rex and a Barlgura simultaneously riding a flying Dragon in a fight to the death.


Oh hey! And welcome back to a day in the life of an Adventurer's Alliance Dungeon Master. Spells, swords, and axes flew in equal measure as parties fought all manner of monsters stretching into every corner of the multiverse.

From levelling a town of over 2,000... to tying up a street urchin... Shibari style... Not every choice made by our adventuring parties turned out the way they'd anticipated.


Matt's adventure, set in FTW's Black Rock Coast setting, saw his table go toe to toe with the six armed, sword wielding, snake lady from your nightmares. Or as Matt more eloquently said:

"As the defeated Marilith lay broken within the sacred springs, the heroes acted quickly to not only remove her corpse, but also to freeze and extract the tainted water, saving the holy site and earning an unspoken reward from the Fae courts."


No explanation necessary.

Jessica's party managed to slay three Owlbears & a Treant, made allies with a grove of Dryads, had a lovely tea with the Harmony Sisters, while almost killing some local heroes!


Where's Baker's table at?

The Witcher's on Kieran's table revealed the nature of a series of mysterious attacks, and discovered the true cause of the monsters migrating westward out of the marshlands. In return, they were handsomely rewarded, tossing a metaphorical coin to their DM as he serenaded them with a rousing rendition of his own rewritten version of Jakier's classic:



Tom's table got a taste of Spaghetti Western magic with a little Jurassic Park thrown in:

"The bandits bodies were sprawled over the thoroughfare, bullet casings littered the ground as the gatling gun slowed. The raging Mayor wildly swung his great Warhammer as the massive T-Rex bared down on our local heroes."

My own table went plane hopping across the multiverse in pursuit of their stolen genie lamp. Along the way, they hitched a ride on a carriage, being propped up by a cloud and driven by a duck toward a city made of candy...


Just standard D&D things

Adventure's aside, it was an awesome chance to catch up and spend time with amazing people, kicking off 2020 in style. Andrew Pitchford reigned supreme in a hand ninja tournament for the ages, Pidj Flavell was a worthy runner up, and Kieran was unable to accept his elimination, blaming rule changes, over a lack of skill.

But in all seriousness, I tend to judge one shot days by the enthusiasm with which people hang around for the after party. As we drank and talked into the evening, I felt a great sense of pride and gratitude for the incredible community we have created. You once again welcomed new members with open arms and made a memorable impact on me, each other and even the staff at the venue, 10/10 effort team!


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